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2016 – This year is already in full swing

Roses paintedThis year is already getting ahead of me. Spring felt like it was going to take forever to get here. I think it arrived this past weekend. Last weekend was the annual quilt show put on by the quilt I belong to. It was a good show. Set up was different and we didn't do as well as last year, but did o.k. We have new items we have been making since last fall. Pictured is the latest one. Known as fabric painting, but done with specialty paints and a three step process - after the longarm quilting is done. We are also lined up with quilts to longarm already this year. So often there is a peak season for the request of longarming services. I think our peak has started! Time to get busy - enjoying the warm weather as well as keeping those needles stitching, creative juices flowing and eyes open. You just never know what may catch your eye to be made into a quilt. Happy quilting!    



Summer has started with the celebration of Memorial Day. We, at Quilter's Pantry, are enjoying the warm sunshine on most days. And even the rainy days that often bring us a rainbow or two out our back door are a blessing.

Summer brings so many other things to do besides quilting. There are family gatherings, picnics, gardens, mowing, gatherings with friends, traveling, hiking, swimming and other sports. Quilting tends to take the back burner especially in finishing the quilt tops into a complete quilt.

For others it is your time to quilt as you are off work for the summer, or at least a couple of weeks vacation. There are also many quilt related items to make. Such as table covers, and placemats as shown above, wall hangings to go with the season or holidays.

Spring and summer are also the time for quilt shows to attend. The newest machines, tools and fabrics to experience and buy.  We go, we see, we dream, we buy and then we create.

That is just what we did a few years ago when we went to a few shows. We went, we saw, we investigated and we bought...... our longarm.  And that is what started our business.

Unlike many who take the summer of, we stay open and available to help you out. While you are busy doing other things, send us your quilt tops to be quilted!  We can get them done for you in time to give as gifts, anytime of the year. Check out our SPECIALS section for the June pricing special on longarming.

We look forward to a good summer at home and at the shop (which is conveniently in our home).

We wish for all of you a good summer with family and friends and your quilting projects. Hope to hear from you for your quilting needs.

Til next time ---

keep your needles stitching,

your mind creating,

and your soul full of joy.


A new year – a few changes

Hello to all! We have made a few changes to our blog area. We have moved more of a detailed blog to http://www.quilterspantrytn.blogspot.com/ which you can access by clicking on Quilter's Pantry TN Blog or the link here. There you will see more pictures, more information, more updated topics. Please stop by to visit. Phyllis    

Sunrise at Quilter’s Pantry

This was the beautiful sunrise from our deck this morning.  Just wanted to share part of God's artwork!

We remember

Hello all.  Ten years ago today we, the country and the world changed. We all remember. We know where we were when we heard the news, saw the horror of the attack. We all stood, sat, cried, talked to each other, cried some more, and prayed. Today - we stand, we sit, we cry, we talk to each other, we cry some more..... let's remember to pray. May God bless you, your family, the families who lost loved ones, and our country.


We are located such that we are not in the direct path of Irene, but the clouds we have today I am sure are from her. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all how are being affected by this hurricane.  Stay safe, stay in touch with loved ones and friends.

Summer is ending (August 24, 2011)


Fall table runner

    We anxiously looked for the winter to end and warmer temps arrive with sunshine and flowers.  We then looked forward to summer to arrive with time of vacations, summer picnics, time with family and friends. Now we already have schools back in session or soon starting, cooler temps in the morning, and the fall/winter holidays ahead. Time flies by so fast. I hope you all have been able to stop and smell the flowers this year. We get wrapped up in doing so many things we forget to stop a while. I'm there with those who forget to stop from time to time. It's been a very busy year so far.  Right now I'm busy making quilts to sell!  If you are looking for a great gift for someone, a great piece to decorate your home, or if you are making a quilt and would love to have it machine quilted just let me know!  There is time before Christmas to still get it all done for you. For our longarm machine quilting our turn around time is about 2 weeks from the time I receive your quilt to sending it back to you. The time frame to make you a special quilt will vary on many factors, but get in touch with me and we can work out the details. Looking forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or add your input. Have a great day!

July 11, 2011

Hello again. We have been busy this summer and time seems to just fly by.  We have been making quilts to sell; longarming quilts for our customers and wishing there were about 24 more hours in each day. We are proud to announce that our 'shop' is now open on line.  You can connect to it via this web site by clicking on "shop" at the bottom left. We currently have our "Sneak Peak" Pattern for sale there as well as a few of the quilts I've made and/or designed. More will be coming as we continue to grow. We hope you are having a great summer and taking time to enjoy family, friends and good times. Remember we also make custom quilts!  AND Christmas is approaching faster than you think! Get your orders in for the longarm work, quilts to be made, or stop in at the 'shop' to buy what is already made. Have a great day!  

Welcome to Summer 2011

Sunrise on the first day of Summer 2011

This is what greeted us this morning from our back deck. Welcome to Summer! Sit back, have a cup of coffee and enjoy.   If you can't see the picture, click on the title and it will be there for you.

A “Sneak Peak”

Feathered Butterflies from the "Sneak Peak" pattern

Here is the first quilt made using the "Sneak Peak" pattern I designed.  This pattern is for sale and ready to send out to you. Contact us if you would like to order one.  More pics of the same pattern using different fabrics will follow.  

"Summer Seranade" made via the 'Sneak Peak' pattern

"Summer Seranade' is now ready for the longarm.

Another quilt top using "Sneak Peak" Pieced by Connie M. Ready for the longarm.