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You know you’re a quilter when…

  1. You have that debris from your creative explosions (thread) EVERYWHERE!
  2. You have quilting pins stuck in the sun visor of your car as well as safety pins.
  3. You 'see' quilts in flooring, ceiling tiles, clothing, a sunset, everywhere.
  4. You dream of a quilt to make and wake up to draw it out so you can work on it in the morning.
  5. You stop in every LQS you see
  6. You plan your vacations around where the best quilt show is
  7. You ask where the LQS are when you travel.
  8. You like to pet fabric even if you don't buy any.
  9. You wait for the fabric to talk to you before you buy it.
  10. You ask for an iron for Christmas .... and mean it.
  11. You know how much fabric you can buy for the price of a gallon of gas.
  12. You were never good at math in school, but now can calculate how much fabric it will take to make an entire quilt.
MORE TO COME IN THE NEAR FUTURE - Feel free to send me comments to add your own.      

A Quilter’s Glossary – The Lighter Side

Here are some quilter's terms and the ligther side meaning. If you have some you would like me to add, just send me a comment with your terms and their 'lighter side' meanings. I will add to this list as time goes on. #1 is my favorite as this 'debris' gets all over my house. 1) Thread - "Debris from a creative explosion" 2) Fat Quarter - Don't let this one get you down. it is NOT a body part. It's a Good thing! - "Piece of fabric that is 18" x 21" or 22". 3) BOM -   This is nothing to be worried about ; "Block of the Month" 4) FART - It does have a pleasant meaning - "Fabric Aquisition Road Trip " Who is up for a Road Trip! ?

5) STASH - You won't get in trouble for having this one in your house --- " Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden" This is what we call all the fabric we have collected, stored,        hidden and hope to use one day.

6) WWIT - We think the quiet often in the middle of a project - :What was I thinking?"  

WIP = Work in Progress now done

  5/29/2011 This is my latest quilt just off the longarm. I have the binding to put on yet and then it will be for sale. I am also working on writing out the pattern which will also be for sale. If you would like to purchase this quilt or the pattern please contact me for details. I am currently taking names and contact information for the growing waiting list for the pattern. Happy Quilting! Phyllis
Finished 'Feathered Butterlies" quilt
Made using Sneak Peek pattern I designed that will soon be for sale

Happy Memorial Day

Hello all, Just taking a moment to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all the men and women who have served or are serving in our military. Thank you for your sacrifices for our freedoms. I am working on a few quilts that will be for sale, a pattern that will be for sale (other patterns will be coming also). I will be back blogging next week after the holiday. I have a lot of things in the making to add to the blog. Encouragement, hints, tips, how tos, and 'just for fun' things. God Bless Phyllis aka QuiltingGrannie

Welcome to Quilter’s Pantry Blog

May 16, 2011 Welcome to our new blog. We are going to use this area to keep you updated on our work and what we are up to. Share tips, hints and ideas about quilting and related topics. We will also like to hear from you with your questions, suggestions etc. To do this please refer to our 'Contact Us/Hours' section on the web site to send us your comments, and feedback. To help you feel at home here is a picture  of what our studio area looks like.  (we will update this picture as time goes on). This is where we do our work. Abby is our Nolting Longarm, Saddie is our Side Saddle computer system, and Suzi Q is my sewing machine.

This is where Abby, Saddie and Suzi Q do all thier work.

The quilt on Abby is one pieced by Penni D. Time for us to get to work. Have a great day.

New Blog

Quilter's Pantry will soon have an active blog section!