July 11, 2011

Hello again. We have been busy this summer and time seems to just fly by.  We have been making quilts to sell; longarming quilts for our customers and wishing there were about 24 more hours in each day. We are proud to announce that our 'shop' is now open on line.  You can connect to it via this web site by clicking on "shop" at the bottom left. We currently have our "Sneak Peak" Pattern for sale there as well as a few of the quilts I've made and/or designed. More will be coming as we continue to grow. We hope you are having a great summer and taking time to enjoy family, friends and good times. Remember we also make custom quilts!  AND Christmas is approaching faster than you think! Get your orders in for the longarm work, quilts to be made, or stop in at the 'shop' to buy what is already made. Have a great day!  
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