Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing

At Quilter's Pantry we specialize in longarm machine quilting. We do both free motion quilting as well as digital design quilting via a computer program with over 100 patterns choose from and more available if you can't find what you would like to have on your quilt. We also offer other services listed below. And more will be on the way. If you have questions regarding other quilting related services you would like, please contact us via an email with any questions or suggestions. We also specialize in good customer service as we know that without good customer service there is no other service. We look forward to hearing from you and working on your quilts. ---Phyllis Dewey----

Pricing calculations

Our longarm service is charged by the square inch. Measure the widthof your quilt and multiply it by the length of your quilt. Then take that number and multiply it by the price for the design/type of quilting you want us to do on your quilt. The order form will do the pricing calculations for you as you fill it out with what you want to purchase.

Backing Fabric

Backing fabric will be 8" wider and 8" longer than your quilt top. Supply Your Own: $0.00 White fabric @ $10.50/yard Off-white fabric @ $10.50/yard { More colors available in the future }


Batting will also be 8" wider and 8" longer than your quilt top. Supply Your Own: $0.00 Hobbs 80/20 @ $8.75/yard


All thread choices are $7.75 per quilt. White Off White Dark Brown Dark Red Black Variegated "Sand" - yellow/tan Variegated "Primary" Variegated "Mummy Dearest" - pastels Variegated "Heather" - wine shades Variegated "Sinai" - brown/tan Request Color


There are several choices for stitching your quilt top. General Meandering, Tight @ $0.03 per sq. inch Meandering, Loose @ $0.02 per sq. inch Stitch in the Ditch, shadowing the seams @ $0.03 per sq. inch Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Loose Open Designs @ $0.02 per sq. inch Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Moderately Dense Designs @ $0.03 per sq. inch Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Dense Designs @ $0.04 per sq. inch Pick a Pattern (or more) Patterns are classified as Loose Open, Moderately Dense, or Dense patterns, and are charged as follows: O @ $0.02 per sq in M @ $0.03 D @ $0.04 If you want more than one pattern used, the price will be averaged. For example, using one pattern for the borders, another for the blocks and another for the sashing or rest of the quilt. You can see the available patterns here.

Extra Options

Binding: Machine sewn on front only @ $0.15 per linear inch of edge Binding: Machine sewn on front, hand sewn on back @ $0.35 per linear inch of edge Ironing, if needed: $10.00 for top, $10.00 for backing Pressing of quilt top (basic pressing): $10 Pressing of quilt backing: $10 Squaring of quilt top before quilting: $15 Squaring of quilt backing before quilting: $10 If backing fabric (supplied by customer or purchased from Quilter's Pantry) is not wide enough, additional seaming charges will apply, as follows: One seam of backing fabric: $10 Two seams of backing fabric: $20