Longarm Quilting - Order

We are pleased to announce the availability of placing an order online!

You can now pay either with a mailed check or money order, OR, pay securely online through Paypal! You can either use an existing paypal account, or create one (fast, free, secure) and use a credit card.

In addition, you may now choose multiple patterns!


Have you prepared your quilt top?

We charge per the square inch. Measure the length of your quilt by the width of your quilt to get the square inches.

First, please enter the dimensions in inches of your quilt.

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Your quilt's square inches:

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Choose your backing fabric:

Choose your batting:

Choose Your Thread

Choose Your Pattern(s)

You may use the checkboxes to select multiple patterns to use. Describe how you want them used in the Misc/Contine section. For example, "Use the star once in the middle, the vines around the outside, and loose meandering in the rest."

The price of the patterns will be averaged.

  • Meandering, Tight @ $ per sq. inch:
  • Meandering, Loose @ $ per sq. inch:
  • Stitch in the Ditch, shadowing the seams @ $ per sq. inch:
  • Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Loose Open Designs @ $ per sq. inch:
  • Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Moderately Dense Designs @ $ per sq. inch:
  • Leave design choice up to longarmer (Phyllis) - Dense Designs @ $ per sq. inch:


Patterns are classified as Loose Open, Moderately Dense, or Dense patterns, and are charged as follows:
O @ per sq in:
M @ :
D @ :


Extra Options

  • Binding: Machine sewn on front only @ $ per linear inch of edge:
  • Binding: Machine sewn on front, hand sewn on back @ $ per linear inch of edge:
  • Pressing of quilt top (basic pressing): $
  • Pressing of quilt bottom: $
  • Squaring of quilt top before quilting: $
  • Squaring of quilt bottom before quilting: $
  • If backing fabric (supplied by customer or purchased from Quilter's Pantry) is not wide enough, additional seaming charges will apply, as follows:
  • One seam of backing fabric: $
  • Two seams of backing fabric: $


Give your quilt a name:

Any extra instructions?